G Adventures RESTful API

G Adventures is very excited to announce the launch of the G Adventures RESTful API. This API vastly improves on the previous XML Feed system and is is intended to assist your agency in more effectively integrating G Adventures products.

Start Your Transition by Registering for API Access

What does this mean for the XML feeds?

The deprecated XML Feeds will go offline on September 1st, 2014. If your website relies on the XML Feeds, your backend systems must be adjusted to integrate with the new API. G Adventures will continue to support the availability and data updates of XML Feeds until September 1st, 2014.

If you are a developer, please begin by registering for an API key and reading the documentation to plan your transition.

If you are a business stakeholder, please consult your developers for the changes required to your system or website.

How will we support the transition for existing XML Feed users?

What benefits does the API offer over the XML feeds?

  • Events – realtime notification about price and availability changes
  • Promotions – access to better pricing
  • Extended Information – additional products and availaibility
  • Write Capabilities – create bookings from your website or internal system
  • Developer Friendly – faster integration; see the new developers website for more information

Where are we going?

As a platform, this API will continue to grow. Our own website will make full use of the API, ensuring continued investment and development.

Registering for the New API

The signup process is quick and convenient – your business can register to receive an application key that gives immediate access to the public API resources which replace the existing XML feeds. For access to private resources specific to your agency, registration includes an authentication process that may be completed by entering your Sherpa Agent Code. Learn more about this process.

Register For API Access and Updates

View Deprecated XML Feed Documentation